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Reset Philips Hue


1. Om een niet reagerende Hue lamp te resetten met behulp van de Hue dimmer dien je de dimmer vlakblij de ingeschakelde lamp te houden en gedurende 10 seconden zowel de aan- als de uit-knop ingedrukt te houden. Na 10 seconden knippert de lamp kort, wacht dan totdat deze 3 keer aan en uitgaat en je lamp is gereset.

 2. Voor het resetten of verwijderen van je Philips Hue lampen die je de Philips Hue bridge te resetten. Druk op de ‘Restore to factory setting’ knop aan de achterkant van de bridge. Start vervolgens de Hue App op, druk op de link knop en zoek opnieuw naar de Hue lampen met enkel degene die je wilt aansluiten.

3. Hue Bulb Factory Reset: SOLVED if your Hue Bulb is on a ZLL Channel

Step 1 - Go to the Philips Get Started page on their Developer page. On that page, it will guide you through exactly what needs to happen to access your Hue Bridge and more importantly, get your Hue Bridge ID. This ID is not the ID you use on the App - it’s a special Hub Bridge ID needed to access the Hub. You will need to know the IP address of your Hue Hub. In my case, I just went to my router “attached devices” and found it there. My strong suggestion is to go through ALL of the examples on the Getting Started web page. It’s an interesting approach because in some cases, it will return an error – which is by design. Trust the process and do every example on that page.

https://developers.meethue.com/documentation/getting-started 1.7k

Step 2 – Now you should have your Hub Bridge ID. It will look like this:iZWHR6lFLFK8GtqGxx7dM2j5gUOURlGJjZP6bfQlm (I changed some characters in mine to use as an example here). Open up a text editor, word document or whatever and make a copy of this Bridge ID, just in case you need to find it later on. You should still be logged into the CLIP API Debugger which you accessed in Step 1.

In my case, I had 4 Hue White Bulbs that my Hue App couldn’t find. I found a spare lamp and placed it directly next to the hue bridge and used it for each bulb reset. The reason I did it this way is because after you issue the command below, it finds the closest lamp on the bridge and issues this reset command. I just wanted to be 100% certain.

Step 3 – Issue the touchlink command to reset the bulb

You should still be logged into CLIP. Where is says URL:, enter the following URL where YOUR-BRIDGE-ID, is the long Hue Bridge ID you created in Step 2. The IP address in my case is but likely, your last number will be something different so use the IP address of the Hue Bridge you found in Step 1.

Then enter this in the Message Body

Click the Put button - You are telling the hub to issue the touchlink command to reset the nearest bulb.

Step 4 – pair the newly discovered bulb using the Hue App. Then you are all set. :sunglasses: