More Than a Hobby..

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openHAB Classic Icon Set


This is a modernized version of the original icon set of openHAB 1. The set is provided with the distribution in both the PNG and SVG file format. Move your mouse over an icon to learn its name.

alarm attic baby_1 baby_2 baby_3 baby_4 baby_5 baby_6 bath battery battery-0 battery-10 battery-20 battery-30 battery-40 battery-50 battery-60 battery-70 battery-80 battery-90 battery-100 battery-off battery-on bedroom bedroom_blue bedroom_orange bedroom_red blinds blinds-0 blinds-10 blinds-20 blinds-30 blinds-40 blinds-50 blinds-60 blinds-70 blinds-80 blinds-90 blinds-100 bluetooth boiler_viessmann boy_1 boy_2 boy_3 boy_4 boy_5 boy_6 calendar camera carbondioxide cellar chart cinema cinemascreen cinemascreen-0 cinemascreen-10 cinemascreen-20 cinemascreen-30 cinemascreen-40 cinemascreen-50 cinemascreen-60 cinemascreen-70 cinemascreen-80 cinemascreen-90 cinemascreen-100 cistern cistern-0 cistern-10 cistern-20 cistern-30 cistern-40 cistern-50 cistern-60 cistern-70 cistern-80 cistern-90 cistern-100 climate climate-on clock clock-on colorlight colorpicker colorwheel contact contact-ajar contact-closed contact-open corridor dimmablelight dimmablelight-0 dimmablelight-10 dimmablelight-20 dimmablelight-30 dimmablelight-40 dimmablelight-50 dimmablelight-60 dimmablelight-70 dimmablelight-80 dimmablelight-90 dimmablelight-100 door door-closed door-open dryer dryer-0 dryer-1 dryer-2 dryer-3 dryer-4 dryer-5 energy error fan fan_box fan_ceiling faucet fire fire-off fire-on firstfloor flow flowpipe frontdoor frontdoor-closed frontdoor-open garage garagedoor garagedoor-0 garagedoor-10 garagedoor-20 garagedoor-30 garagedoor-40 garagedoor-50 garagedoor-60 garagedoor-70 garagedoor-80 garagedoor-90 garagedoor-100 garagedoor-ajar garagedoor-closed garagedoor-open garage_detached garage_detached_selected garden gas girl_1 girl_2 girl_3 girl_4 girl_5 girl_6 grass greenhouse groundfloor group heating heating-0 heating-20 heating-40 heating-60 heating-80 heating-100 heating-off heating-on house humidity humidity-0 humidity-10 humidity-20 humidity-30 humidity-40 humidity-50 humidity-60 humidity-70 humidity-80 humidity-90 humidity-100 incline keyring kitchen light light-off light-on line line-decline line-incline line-stagnation lock lock-closed lock-open man_1 man_2 man_3 man_4 man_5 man_6 microphone moon motion movecontrol network network-off network-on niveau office oil outdoorlight pantry parents-off parents_1_1 parents_1_2 parents_1_3 parents_1_4 parents_1_5 parents_1_6 parents_2_1 parents_2_2 parents_2_3 parents_2_4 parents_2_5 parents_2_6 parents_3_1 parents_3_2 parents_3_3 parents_3_4 parents_3_5 parents_3_6 parents_4_1 parents_4_2 parents_4_3 parents_4_4 parents_4_5 parents_4_6 parents_5_1 parents_5_2 parents_5_3 parents_5_4 parents_5_5 parents_5_6 parents_6_1 parents_6_2 parents_6_3 parents_6_4 parents_6_5 parents_6_6 party pie piggybank player poweroutlet poweroutlet-off poweroutlet-on poweroutlet_au poweroutlet_eu poweroutlet_uk poweroutlet_us present present-off pressure projector_benq pump qualityofservice qualityofservice-0 qualityofservice-1 qualityofservice-2 qualityofservice-3 qualityofservice-4 radiator rain receiver receiver-off receiver-on recorder returnpipe rgb rollershutter rollershutter-0 rollershutter-10 rollershutter-20 rollershutter-30 rollershutter-40 rollershutter-50 rollershutter-60 rollershutter-70 rollershutter-80 rollershutter-90 rollershutter-100 settings sewerage sewerage-0 sewerage-10 sewerage-20 sewerage-30 sewerage-40 sewerage-50 sewerage-60 sewerage-70 sewerage-80 sewerage-90 sewerage-100 shield shield-0 shield-1 signal signal-0 signal-1 signal-2 signal-3 signal-4 siren siren-off siren-on slider slider-0 slider-10 slider-20 slider-30 slider-40 slider-50 slider-60 slider-70 slider-80 slider-90 slider-100 smiley smoke sofa softener solarplant soundvolume soundvolume-0 soundvolume-33 soundvolume-66 soundvolume-100 soundvolume_mute status suitcase sun sunrise sunset sun_clouds switch switch-off switch-on television television-off television-on temperature temperature_cold temperature_hot terrace text toilet vacation video wallswitch wallswitch-off wallswitch-on wardrobe washingmachine washingmachine_2 washingmachine_2-0 washingmachine_2-1 washingmachine_2-2 washingmachine_2-3 water wind window window-ajar window-closed window-open woman_1 woman_2 woman_3 woman_4 woman_5 woman_6 zoom