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Arduino Eclipse installation page

Welcome to the Arduino Eclipse installation page

This page contains Detailed instructions on how to install and configure the Arduino Eclipse plugin.
People who use MAC OSX and are installing V1 may want to read the blog of garretto on how to install on OSX.

Detailed installation instructions

1) install the Arduino IDE 
2) install eclipse indigo ( supports V1 ) or Juno (supports V1 and V2) you need the C++ version and preferably the 32 bit version
2.1) download the code from here http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/]http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/
2.2) Unzip the file downloaded from eclipse( I assume c:/juno) 
3) Install the Arduino plugin 
3.1) Start eclipse 
3.2) run the program c:/juno/eclipse/eclipse.exe
3.3) give a name to the workspace (I assume you use "c:/Arduino") 
3.4) Close the welcome screen 
3.5) Select help->install new software 
3.6) for V1 as Site enter : http://www.baeyens.it/eclipse/update for V2 as Site enter : http://www.baeyens.it/eclipse/V2 
uncheck "group items by category"
install plugin
3.7) restart eclipse (as requested by eclipse) 
3.8 ) open the workspace c:/Arduino 
4) Configure the plugin 
4.1) open the preferences (windows -> preferences)
4.2) open the section Arduino->Arduino (in V1) Arduino (in V2). Fill it in like below (using the location of the Arduino IDE of your choice)
Add the location of your private libraries.

If you want to use the serial stuff check whether there is a compatible dll.
If not check the FAQ.
V2 does not contain the option "use Arduino IDE tools in Eclipse".
4.3) select OK to save the preferences

Congratulations: You have now successfully installed and configured the plugin.

Below are some settings which are advised. They are not needed by the plugin but they make my life easier so I guess you would benefit as well.
1) In general-> work space set the auto save before build on to avoid different versions between uploaded and visible code.

2) For V1 an in Indigo: Set the the indexer to "include Arduino.h" 
Add Arduino with its full path to the "files to index up-front"
Tell the indexer to 'include Arduino.h'
Note Juno is better at indexing therefore it does not have this option. After a compile the indexer should work.