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Welcome to the Arduino eclipse plugin site


Welcome to the Arduino eclipse plugin site

This page is about a free eclipse plugin to make development of big Arduino projects easier. As you only need the Arduino IDE, Eclipse and the plugin this Arduino IDE alternative is completely free and open source.

The plugin supports

  • Creation of an Arduino sketch
  • Import of an Arduino or private Library
  • Import of source code available on your system
  • Integrated serial monitor
  • Change the Arduino board
  • Multiple hardwares (version 1.3)
  • Support for the HalfKay boot loader (version 1.3)
  • Change the COM port
  • Upload to the board
  • Real time build
  • User selected build.

To use it with Arduino boards you only need:

  • the Arduino IDE
  • Eclipse Indigo or Juno (C/C++ version)
  • this plugin

Before continuing Note that :

  • The latest version for Arduino IDE 1.X is
  • The latest version for Arduino IDE 1.5.X beta is beta.
  • The plugin now works with the 32 and 64 bit versions of Juno and indigo but you are advised to use the 32 bit version.
  • The current version works with cpp files only (no pde or ino out of the box). Therefore the plugin is not compatible with the IDE out of the box. Below is a link to instructions on how to keep your code Arduino IDE compatible. I use those and I can compile the code between the Arduino IDE and eclipse without changes and defines.
  • The plugin works on windows and Linux and OS X.
  • For 1.X some special installation instructions on Os X are needed
  • For 2.X all no special instructions are needed
  • There is a serial monitor in this project from 1.2.2 onwards. If you are using an earlier version or the included serial monitor does not work in your environment: Use the IDE one or any one of your choice
  • There is USB search (the Arduino connects through USB) in the tool.
  • Read the faq on the link between this tool and the WINAVR eclipse plugin.
  • There is no out of the box support for debugging. Read this page on how to debug with the dragon board debugging using the dragon board


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Read my blog if you want to stay up to date on changes.
Installation instructions can be found here
FAQ can be found here.
Instructions on Arduino IDE compatibility are here
Read here how to use the plugin
Watch a video demonstrating creating a project uploading it and the serial monitor.