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The new AT ESP8266 V0.9.5 firmware release, more stable, support intelligent connection technology and OTA upgrades!



AT firmware release new, more stable, support intelligent connection technology! 

Download: <ignore_js_op style="outline: none;"> Shun v0.9.5.2AT firmware can support SmartLink.rar (2.39 MB, Downloads: 160) 

Welcome to the Q group AC: 222 651 602 / 146 137 081

in transparent mode, even power down automatically after power recovery still transparent mode , even in large amounts of data is not a crash restart. 
This is a transparent mode in the true sense! 
Due to changes in the AT command is very large, and the past is not compatible with AT firmware, please consult the attached manual, support for more instructions! 
Currently supported: Support OTA upgrade (using the module to connect Internet routing, then AT + CIUPDATE, can be upgraded) 
Shun be intelligent connection technology AI-LINK 
Yue Xin intelligent connection technology ESP-TOUCH 
micro-channel intelligent connection technology AIR-KISS 
Smart LINK APP: without direct connection module can be configured modules.
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Features Introduction and Usage instructions: 

. ai-link.app to install a mobile phone (ai-link.APK to install Cell Phone.) 
b v0.9.5.1 AT firmware to burn. 
0x00000 address ( Burn v0.9.5.1 . AT Firmware to 0x00000) 
. c using AT commands via serial debugging tools (enjoy AT command). 
    Before using AT commands, please read the PDF document (Before using AT command, please read documents). 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): 
How to Use ai-thinker of smart link technology? (? How to use ai-thinker's smart link technology) 
to install and use smart link APP fill SSID and PASSWORD perform module configuration (And use smart link software push on the phone SSID and password over the ai-link technology.) 
How to control GPIO and ADC? (Read How to Control GPIO and ADC?) 
AT + CIPAP? AT Returns the IP address of the module current AP mode + CIPAP = "" Setting the IP address of the AP mode 
AT + CIPSTA? View IP address AT STA mode + CIPSTA = fixed IP "" STA mode setting above operations are Effective Immediately without restarting 
AT + CIPAPMAC Query the current MAC address of the AP mode Settings for the current MAC address of the AP mode AT + CIPAPMAC =? "1a : fe: 34: 9E: 34: a9 " 
AT + CIPSTAMAC exercise STA MAC address mode AT + CIPSTAMAC =? "18: fe: 34: 9E: 34: a9" AP mode Settings for the current MAC address 
reads command AT + CIOADC Note the ADC value: ADC input Voltage range is 0V to 1V BETWEEN 0 to 1024,10 bit Precision! 
AT + CIOREAD command reads the GPIO AT + CIOREAD = 0 reads GPIO0 High Level Assumptions GPIO0 is, Will it return 1: HIGH, otherwise it Returns 0: LOW range of Digital GPIO, GPIO0, GPIO16 CAN 
AT + CIOWRITE command to set the GPIO AT + CIOWRITE = 0,0 GPIO0 Level setting is low AT + CIOWRITE = 16, 1 set of High Level GPIO16 
Baud rate Support WIDER , 110,300,600,1200,2400,4800,9600,19200,38400,57600,74880,115200,230400,256000,460800,921600 AT + CIOBAUD = 115200,8,1,0,3 ORAT + CIOBAUD = 115200 CAN baudrate set you want