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ESP8266 remote serial Port WIFI wireless module

11kinds for choose . pls left message for which one you need. otherwise we we will ship ESP-03
Sections of the advantages are as follows: 
ESP-01 through the use of professional equipment matching PCB antenna, the radiation effect is excellent, 8PIN-pin serial port and upgrade leads to the mouth, and a reset 
ESP-02 external antenna can penetrate the metal shield, better external antenna, the proposed standard with 50-ohm antenna 
ESP-03 leads all available IO ports, and using high-gain antennas shrink ceramics, suitable for development with the SDK friend 
ESP-04 leads all the IO ports, antenna customers can design their own freedom, more flexible 
ESP-05 interface only leads to ease of use UART and VCC
ESP-06: bottom mount technology, leads all the IO ports, with metal shielding shell
ESP-07: Semi-hole chip technology, all the IO leads, with metal shielding shell
ESP-08: same as ESP-07, except that the antenna is in the form of customers can define their own
ESP-09: Ultra-small size package, only 10 * 10 mm, four-layer board technology 1M bytes!
ESP-10: SMD interface, narrow-body design, 10 mm wide, suitable for light with controller
ESP-11: SMD interface, ceramic antenna, small size
This module advantages: 
A low price, only to earn a small profit base, hope that this will bring more rapid development of animal networking 
Two smallest done about 11 * 10 mm, the size of a fingernail. Easily embedded into any product 
3 Powerful internal ran LWIP agreement 
4 supports three modes: AP, STA, AP + STA coexistence mode 
5 perfect simple and efficient AT commands, allowing you to develop more simple. 
       Things history of this concept has been five or six years, but has never really into life! The reason is as follows: Things have to be regarded networking things, but to get networked household appliances, before costly price overshadowed main circuit board! Therefore lingering large area applications. But only a matter of time! We waited for 3-5 years, various radio manufacturers, network equipment design giants have all eyes on this market, as we all know: If the price down, the demand is huge, the initial conservative estimate of global demand at 1.5 billion stars of the annual demand. So TI's CC series Qualcomm QCA400X series MTK's MT76XX series and East China Normal University and Taiwan have several research and development capabilities, have started in April 2014, are small quantities to test the water! And at the beginning of June 2014 to July have to market prices from over 50 over 40 over 30 over 20 dollars, this is just the price strategy between suppliers, but their marketing strategies must comply with market rules and people's spending power, in order to get large quantities of promotion, WIFI chip prices must be the product of the proportion of things in the whole BOM costs must be lower than 30% in order to get a large area, but before June 2014 a, WIFI cost module in the customer material costs accounted for almost 60% of the cost! Clearly this is unreasonable, and hindered the pace of development of this industry. 
        According to market rules: analysis of the current market can have several competitive WIFI chip manufacturers, although each one has launched its own WIFI chip, and input costs millions of tens of millions. But the real survive, and only one or two. Because their production process, and design, as well as application experience, and price positioning of customers. And China's market, can truly unified market presumably only one! Is simply cruel reality. Things in the upcoming initial flourish, can choose a truly competitive chips. That is for the future development of crucial! We do not want the wrong team. . . 
      In the absence of more cattle X chip out now is the most cattle X. 
After the recent trends in the situation more than a month, almost shocking, because the whole market is that several have made tremendous feeling! 
Let us appreciate: no final finisher, simply because most cattle X, it has not yet appeared. . . . Everything is just the beginning! ! 
But things really make the entire industry toward the climax is: the emergence of Shanghai Yue Xin Technology ESP8266 chip. They incredible 
Hardware and software update rate, and very shocking price advantage to market quickly! So that the entire industry is not a trace of preparedness. 
Yue Xin advantages: 
        A very professional, Espressif is Shanghai Yue Xin, only WIFI. Several other competitors do more pan. 
        2 staffing more powerful, 30-40 WIFI chip engineers only for this service! None can do it? 
        High professional quality three officers, who CEO for the United States Chief Technology Officer, a well-known listed companies, there are several men Dr. returnees.
        4 More to the point: a pragmatic! Office area, although not super big, but all are professionals, there is no redundancy in the department, really appreciate it, do not speak face-saving projects, working sense, this is a lot of companies can not do. 
        5 ground gas, Xin Yue contacted each employee, are very enthusiastic and gas. They can efficiently happy to help you solve technical issues and business problems you encounter. In contrast, several other companies: their superior technical personnel operational staff, dragon head, not the tail, are more difficult to want to learn, to reflect on.